A bright farewell to those whom we remember fondly

In the face of your loved one’s death, we handle all necessary formalities from the very first moment of your loss and plan the funeral in accordance with everyone’s individual situation, needs and possibilities.

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Ways of burial in case of cremation


Cremation is an aesthetic and economical way to bury the deceased.
We look after all aspects of the cremation for those who decide to bury their loved one by cremation: we take care of transportation of the remains of the deceased to the crematorium and cremation.
Delivery of cremated remains to the place of your choice and participation of the relatives of the deceased while placing the coffin for cremation is also possible.
This choice is designed for those who need cremation of the remains only but do not need to rent the hall or to organize additional ceremonies.”



From 319 €


Cremation with saying farewell

This choice is designed for those who decide not to lay out the remains of the deceased before cremation but wish to organize a ceremony of saying farewell to the cremated remains of the deceased.
The relatives of the deceased are given the chance to be together in the farewell hall located in the crematorium as well as to take part while placing the coffin to be cremated.
The urn containing the ashes is delivered to the place of saying farewell later.
We organize the farewell and coordinate all details with you.
You may choose from several alternatives of the places of saying farewell.



From 975 €


Laying out the body with cremation

This is an integrated combination of ceremonies where the remains of the deceased are laid out first of all before being cremated. The relatives and friends are given the chance to see the deceased to the crematorium, take part while sending the coffin to be cremated and say farewell to the deceased once again after cremation.
We organize the farewell and coordinate all details with you. You can choose from several alternatives of the places of saying farewell; the coffin or urn for the ashes can be selected individually.



From 856 €


The crematorium of Kėdainiai

The crematorium of Kėdainiai, which started operating in 2011, is the first and so far the only centre of ceremonial services in Lithuania which owns a crematorium. We currently offer more than cremation to people coping with the death of a loved one: we take care of transportation of the deceased’s remains, organization of cozy farewell ceremonies and other processes related to the funeral.

Since we started operating, we have been working to make the farewell to the deceased dignified, warm and bright. No additional worries trouble the peace and concentration of the people who find themselves in an extraordinary situation here. The solutions of funerary rites offered by us are unique and reflect everyone’s situation, values and attitudes. The trademark “Rekviem” has been applied to all of the crematorium’s services since 2017.

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What to do if your loved one dies?

First steps in the event of your loved one’s death

Call 112

Call general helpline 112 in case of a person’s death. The body of the deceased may not be touched until death is confirmed by medical personnel.

Contact a company providing funeral services

Contact a company providing funeral services while you are waiting for specialists; the company will take care of transportation of the body and tasks related to organizing the funeral. IMPORTANT: if your loved one dies outside of home, his/her body may be handed over to any company providing burial services; however, you have the right to choose your supplier who will take care of transportation of the deceased and further works of organizing the funeral.

Obtain a medical certificate

A medical certificate of death is issued after the fact of death is confirmed. It is issued by a health care institution (hospital, nursing home, polyclinic, the State Forensic Medicine Service).

Prepare for burial

We provide all necessary information right away when you contact us. The details of planning the funeral are coordinated individually in accordance with your needs.

Choose the place of burial

Choose in which cemetery or columbarium you wish to bury your loved one and reserve the place of burial there as well as the date.

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The fact of death is determined by:

  • Personal health care doctors (24 hours a day).

  • Doctor pathologist.

  • Doctor-expert of forensic medicine if a person dies in a public place or the death is violent.

  • Board of doctors.

  • Nursing specialists of emergency out-patient medical assistance institutions.

  • In the absence of a doctor, a nursing specialist who directly conducted health care of the deceased person.

Storage of the body:

  • The body of a person who died in a hospital may not be kept there longer than 4 days (territorial patients’ fund pays for that). The body may be kept longer if a large hospital has its own department of pathology-anatomy. The body must be handed over to a territorial morgue later.

  • The relatives pay for storage of the bodies of the persons who have their own place of residence.

  • The municipality must pay for storage of the bodies of dead homeless persons.

  • Call us at +370 61 89 89 89 regarding the place of laying out the body and other issues related to laying out and burial of the body.

Transportation of the body:

  • The body of a person who died at home should be transported to a territorial morgue or a company providing burial services within 2 hours.

  • The body of a person who died in a public place is to be transported by a company who has concluded a contract with the administration of a city or district municipality regarding transportation of human remains to conduct medical research as directed by the officers of the police or the public prosecutor’s office (24/7 including holidays).

Medical certificate:

  • A medical certificate of death is issued by a personal health care institution after the fact of death is confirmed. It is issued on the same day irrespective of whether it is weekend or a rest day, or a holiday.

  • This document is the most important one as of 1 January 2017 since a separate certificate of death in paper form is not issued.
    A medical certificate of death may be submitted in all institutions related to organization of funerals.

  • Important: the fact of death does not need to be registered by going to a civil registry or ward office as of 1 January 2017.

Find out about burial benefit

When a person dies at home, the deceased’s body may not be touched until medical personnel or, if death takes place in a public place, police officers confirm death.

Call +370 63 39 77 99 regarding the place of laying out the body and other issues related to organization of the funeral.

Burial benefit

A single burial benefit (304 €) is paid to the person organizing the funeral no later than within 24 hours from making contact if the institution is contacted no later than within 10 days from the date of death.

A burial benefit is allocated in case of death of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania whose permanent place of residence is in the Republic of Lithuania or of a foreigner who resided in Lithuania and had a long-term residence permit. No additional documents are necessary in order to receive a burial benefit because the personal health care institution which issues the medical certificate of death provided the information about the deceased to the Population Register. The benefit is allocated by the social welfare departments of cities and district; you can contact them as regards receiving the benefit at the previous place of residence of your loved one or at your place of residence.
A burial benefit is paid to a family member of the deceased person or to another person or company providing burial services who/which actually buried the deceased.

Apie kremavimą „Lietuvos krematoriume“

Cremation is a dignified, economical and ecological way to bury your loved one.
The environment of a modern crematorium ensures that dignified tranquility surrounds the relatives who gather to say goodbye to the deceased. The moments of tranquility are not disturbed by strange sights or sounds here: the cremation process is accompanied by silence and pristine surroundings.
The whole cremation process lasts approximately 3 hours.

The coffin is prepared

We check if its size is suitable and make sure the handles of the coffin do not prevent it from being transferred to the cremation room.
We transfer the coffin to the cremation equipment when everything is ready.

The gate opens

The gate opens when the coffin is transferred to the cremation equipment and the deceased is moved into it. Light and warmth emanate from there.
This takes place for only a few seconds and then the gate closes.

Cremation takes place

The relatives who accompany the deceased may watch the cremation for 15-20 minutes if they wish.
The view is observed in the computer screen or directly via a special peephole.
The flame shrouding the remains of the deceased can be seen at that time.

The cremated remains are cooled

The cremation equipment consists of three sections. The first stage is cremation using gas, reaching a temperature of 800 degrees or more. Another level is reached after approximately an hour, when organic substances are transformed into inorganic ones. In the third stage, the remains are cooled.

The cremated remains are poured into a capsule

We pour the remains of the deceased into a standard capsule. Its size is chosen accurately so as to be able to contain absolutely all of the ashes. The capsule is then handed over to the relatives or delivered to the place where farewell will be said.

Show the cremation process

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